The following Terms and Conditions are required to be signed for to hire our white LED dancefloors. Please click, download and return a signed copy of the file below.

• The area for which the dance floor is to be laid must be clean, and clear of obstruction at the time which installation is to take place.
• The surface which the dance floor is being laid must be able to support a large amount of weight (dance floor & guests) whilst being stable, even and level with a 1ft clearance on every edge (in addition to the size of floor selected) to ensure space for edging and wires.
• If a size of dance floor is booked which will not fit (normally due to uneven floor or other obstacles) preventing the size of dance floor booked to be installed a smaller floor will be installed at the same cost as the size booked (no discount). It is therefore advisable that the area is measured accurately if there is any doubt.
• Dance floors do become slippery when wet, to prevent accidents it is advised that you insist no drinks are allowed onto the dance floor. Any spillages should be removed quickly to prevent accidents and to prevent possible damage.
• Very heavy items should not be placed onto the dance floor (unless agreed beforehand) and any item which has the potential to scratch deeply or otherwise damage the dance floor (such as a table with metal unprotected feet) is forbidden from being on the dance floor.
• Small scratches and marks from shoes are expected with general use. Excessive marking, deep scratches or excessive liquid damage caused by misuse may incur a fee for additional cleaning, repair or replacement.
• Only dance floors advertised as suitable for outdoor use can be installed outside or in areas of high-humidity. All other dance floors must be installed on a dry surface.
• Unauthorised persons are not allowed to dismantle or move the dance floor once installed.
• A standard UK 240VAC 50Hz power supply must be located within 10m of the area of installation.


Download our DANCEFLOOR TCs here.

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